Service Areas

Companies evolve. The most common assignments we address with our clients and their business advisors can be grouped into four main areas:

i. General Strategy and Planning
Performance planning, business development, operational planning.
: Planning for a general company direction; investigating strategic options,  
        decision-making policy, organizational design, resource planning - capital, people,
        systems, etc.

ii. Transition Planning and Structure
Company-wide or isolated change in the business intentions or management structure.  Planning for a complete makeover or changes in the way the company is organized.
        Scenarios: Member of management plans to retire in 1-3 years, management is investigating             the structure of the company, options for selling the business, desire to form a new company.

Transition Succession Planning, January 2009

iii. Organization Change and Planning
Organization change and planning looks at organization structure and culture and how it will evolve.  Change is going to happen and we proactively prepare for it by planning accordingly.
        Scenarios: Need to retire an old product line, preparing to launch a new product line,                     investigating the need to expand department resources, desire to transform the organization.

iv. Business Growth Management
This area focuses on expansion, new product or division development, organization advancement in the market or related industry, progression and defining executive direction.
        Scenarios: Desire to increase revenues and margins, business expansion to support the demand         for product, to meet competition and to capture new markets.