The strategic planning and business development group at Dewar Sloan has extensive experience in business assessment, customer management, category innovation and reseller management in many industry sectors. We excel in team environments - both large and small - while remaining focused on achieving business results for your organization, your people and your stakeholders.

We have broad project experience in collaboration with product design and development groups, marketing research and communication teams, economic development authorities and advisors on financial, technical and workforce issues.

Materials and references from Dewar Sloan are used in leading business schools, corporations and business advisory groups. 

Daniel Wolf

Daniel Wolf brings extensive marketing, product management and operations knowledge to projects, along with a very keen sense of company growth and change. His corporate experience includes work in global product and market development, and his consulting experience is highlighted in a breakout 2007 book entitled Prepared and Resolved: The Strategic Agenda for Growth, Performance and Change. He is a recognized expert in business planning, organization, marketing systems and business development strategy.